Dr. Levy Performs First-Ever Vertebral Stent in Child

Our own Dr. Levy, along with Dr. Kathryn Bass, medical director of pediatric trauma at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, held a press event to discuss and highlight the lifesaving techniques and seamless collaboration between Children’s Hospital and the GVI that saved young Kaeden Mitchell’s life after being viciously attacked by two dogs. The lifesaving procedure performed by Dr. Levy, lasting more than two hours, is the first stent reconstruction of a dissected vertebral artery performed on a child in the country. Kaeden underwent several surgeries during his five weeks at WCHOB and was discharged on Friday. “The power of collaboration, state of the art technology and the finest physicians is what saved Kaeden’s life,” said Dr. Levy, “The seamless collaboration and multi-disciplinary approach between Children’s Hospital and the Gates Vascular Institute (GVI) exemplifies true excellence. Each person who touched Kaeden shared a goal: to save his life, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”