A recent issue of the publication Traffic East includes an article featuring UB Neurosurgery’s very own Dr. Elad I. Levy. “The End of Medicine” explores the transformative journey of Dr. Levy, who is the Co-Director of the Gates Stroke Center and Cerebrovascular Surgery at Kaleida Health, as well as the Director of Endovascular Stroke Treatment and Research and Medical Director of Neuroendovascular Services at Gates Vascular Institute (GVI.) The article highlights Dr. Levy’s years of expertise, significant contributions to the medical field, and leadership in stroke care and neurosurgery.

Photo via Traffic East/Mark Dellas

The End of Medicine” also explores the future of healthcare through the lens of technological advancement, offering thought-provoking insights on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, epigenetics, and personalized medicine.

In the article, Dr. Levy says he envisions a future where healthcare moves beyond the traditional paradigms of rehabilitation and intervention to embrace a proactive stance focused on prevention. This shift represents a transformation to a traditional approach, where the medical field would focus on intercepting diseases before they emerge instead of reacting to them.

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Read more about Dr. Levy’s thoughts in the full “The End of Medicine” article by Aidan Ryan.