UB Neurosurgery is thrilled to announce that twelve of our distinguished surgeons have been honored as Buffalo Spree’s 2024 #TopDocs. This prestigious recognition is voted on by peers in the medical community and rigorously screened by Professional Research Services (PRS). Doctors awarded this recognition showcase unparalleled expertise, dedication to patient care, and significant contributions to their field.

At the heart of our dedicated team are doctors who demonstrate exceptional standards of medical excellence and compassionate patient care.



Each physician brings a unique blend of skill, experience, and compassion to their practice, ensuring patients receive excellent, personalized care.

As leaders in neurosurgical innovation and patient care, UB Neurosurgery remains committed to pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge and advancing the forefront of neurosurgical excellence. We invite you to join us in celebrating our top doctors and their remarkable achievements as they continue to shape the future of neurosurgery and improve patients’ lives across our community and beyond.

Check out the complete list at Buffalo Spree.