Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Surgery

Sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion is a minimally invasive surgical procedure offered at UBNS as a treatment for SI joint dysfunction and pain. UBNS surgeons use the iFuse Implant System to provide immediate stabilization and allow for long-term fusion of the SI joint. The 45-minute outpatient procedure can eliminate pain and improve your quality of life if conservative SI joint dysfunction treatment options like medications, injections, and therapy haven’t worked.


Meet Our Experts: Dr. Douglas B. Moreland and Dr. Jeffrey P. Mullin

Dr. Moreland and Dr. Mullin are physicians at UBNS who treat SI joint dysfunction with the iFuse Implant System. Because SI joint pain is often misdiagnosed as back pain, the physicians at UBNS use provocative testing to diagnose SI joint dysfunction and determine whether a patient is a good candidate for the SI-fusion procedure. Between 80 and 90% of patients who have had the SI joint fusion surgery have good to excellent outcomes and are happy they had it done.

Dr. Mullin discusses diagnoses and treatment options for SI joint dysfunction.

Improving Patients’ Quality of Life:

SI joint dysfunction can cause debilitating pain and diminish a patient’s quality of life if left untreated. Alicia, a registered nurse, suffered from undiagnosed SI joint dysfunction and experienced pain daily. When treatments like physical therapy and injections didn’t provide long-lasting relief for her pain, she visited UBNS, where she was diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction. She’s been pain-free since having her SI joint fused with the iFuse Implant System at UBNS.

SI joint dysfunction diagnosis and treatment- Dr. Moreland and patient Alicia share their story.

Meet our Physicians

Douglas B. Moreland


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Jeffrey P. Mullin


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