Scheduling Your Appointment

Thank you for choosing UB Neurosurgery for your neurosurgical consultation.

To schedule an appointment:
If you are an adult patient, please call 218-1000.
For pediatric patients, please call 218-1040.

Your Initial Visit

Our physicians and staff would like to welcome you to our practice. To ensure we have the information required to see you, please make sure to complete the Patient Information packet that you will receive in the mail, or download the PDF below, and bring it with you on the day of your appointment. Be sure to review all items contained in the Welcome letter, General Practice Policy, and Patient Financial Policy.

As teaching faculty, UB Neurosurgery physicians have teams of providers with expertise in neurosurgical disorders that assist them. These include residents and fellows as well as nurse practitioners and physician assistants. At your appointment, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant who specializes in neurosurgery may see you. They will confer with your physician regarding your progress as needed. This is a team effort with the best interest of our patients in mind.

UBNS provides the treatment that is best suited to your diagnosis and individual situation. We are committed to developing and evaluating innovative treatments; whenever appropriate, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and research studies of promising new therapies.

At the time of your visit, our secretary will ask you to verify your information including your current address, phone number, and pharmacy number. Our office staff will collect any applicable deductible, copays or coinsurance at the time of service and any prior balances due. These expenses are part of a contract between you and your carrier and cannot be legally waived by our practice.

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