Adult Neurosurgery

Evolution of Neurosurgical Care

As the face of healthcare changes from year to year, the challenge to stay ahead of the curve is ever present. Patients demand the highest level of care, employing the smartest strategies, using the safest approaches, with the best possible outcome. And what if it was also important that your neurosurgeon is a leader in spine treatment, or perhaps a pioneer in a new treatment for stroke care, or even an expert in treating complex pediatric neurosurgical problems? And what if your neurosurgery physicians were collectively responsible for also teaching the next generation of young neurosurgeons, or at the forefront of cutting-edge, state of the art clinical trial research? Then look no further.

Comprehensive Care

University at Buffalo Neurosurgery (UBNS) is an academic neurosurgical group committed to excellence in patient care, education, and research and providing comprehensive care for all neurosurgical disorders. UBNS does this with compassion, quality, and uncompromising integrity. UBNS is ranked in the Top 20 neurosurgery programs in North America and is internationally recognized for excellence in brain and spine care. UBNS also offers clinical expertise in a wide spectrum of care, including neurovascular and stroke treatment; minimally invasive neurospine treatment; back and neck pain; pediatric neurosurgery; epilepsy, movement disorders/Parkinson’s disease; brain endoscopy and pituitary disorders; brain & spine tumors; vascular neurosurgery; general neurosurgery; interventional pain management; and chiropractic care.

Our neurosurgeons also spearhead clinical trials to provide patients with the latest, safest treatment options. Our vision is to continually strive to be the leading contributor to the field of neurosurgery through the highest clinical standards, innovative clinical research, and a commitment to education. Our physicians regularly conduct cutting-edge research in neuroendovascular, minimally invasive spine, skull base neuro-oncology, and pediatric neurosurgery.


A nationally-recognized leader in cutting-edge stroke treatment using state-of-the-art minimally invasive techniques, many of which were pioneered right here in Buffalo by our team of experts, UBNS world-renowned endovascular neurosurgeons are part of the Stroke Care Team at Kaleida Health’s Gates Vascular Institute. The team is on-call 24-hours a day to treat any stroke by providing a full gamut of comprehensive stroke treatment options. UBNS is also a leader in ground-breaking national clinical trials for stroke and cerebrovascular aneurysm treatment.

Our minimally-invasive spine surgery and advanced orthopedic spine care is another center of excellence. UBNS neurosurgeons know that surgery is not always the best solution for your back pain which is why we also offer in-house neurosurgical and chiropractic clinics for convenient, same day evaluation and treatment. Minimally invasive spine therapy means less physical trauma, shorter hospital stays and quicker healing time.

Our Comprehensive Movement Disorders Center offers DBS treatment for Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor.

The Patient Experience

UBNS follows a team approach to diagnosing and treating complex disorders of the central nervous system. Accordingly, patients treated at our institution derive the unique benefit of having multiple, highly-regarded physicians and other medical professionals involved in their care. At their initial visits, patients are evaluated by a physician, a physician assistant, or a nurse practitioner. Afterwards, the appropriate specialized team deliberates to develop a suitable diagnostic study and then devises the safest and most effective treatment plan for each patient’s particular condition. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, team members collaborate at every stage of delivery to ensure the best possible results.

All of the surgeons are nationally recognized leaders in their respective specialties and provides complete management and minimally invasive treatment options from a conservative viewpoint.

Shaping Treatment Paradigms for the Future

UBNS is also committed to instilling future generations of neurosurgeons with the knowledge and experience necessary to become leaders in the field by providing stellar training and experience to rising clinical leaders with a singular goal of bringing better treatment to our patients.

The UBNS philosophy is simple – patient care is priority one.