Activities & Outings

At UBNS, we don’t just work together, but we enjoy time outside of the hospital and celebrate our accomplishments together as well!

2017 Graduation

Residents graduating from our program endure tremendous demands and undergo rigorous clinical training to become highly skilled neurosurgeons. Graduation is the time we highlight their efforts with sincere appreciation and thanks and send them off in the tradition of UBNS.

2016 Graduation

A time when we salute or graduating residents and fellows on their amazing accomplishments … and we do it in style.


UBNS Faculty/Resident Softball 2017

UB Neurosurgery’s faculty/resident softball team participated in the Annual Charity Softball Tournament which helps fund the NREF Research Grants, earlier this month in Central Park. The annual event drew teams from 40 major neurosurgery residency programs across the country. This is only the 2nd year UBNS has fielded a team and already improved from last year.


UBNS Faculty/Resident Softball 2016

On a Saturday afternoon in June, our select team of UBNS residents and physicians grabbed their bats and gloves and participated in the 13th annual NeuroCharity Softball Tournament in Central Park. This was our first year fielding a team, led by Dr. Renée Reynolds and a cast of all-stars and although we didn’t bring home the title, the team had a respectable outing and all for a good cause. The annual softball tournament raises money to benefit brain tumor research and is sponsored by the New York Yankees.


UBNS Annual Faculty/Resident Soccer Game

Each June, the residents and a few UBNS attendings with something to prove gather on a Buffalo soccer field, lace up their spikes, pull up their socks, and for one afternoon battle it out to determine the ultimate soccer supremacy. The UBNS Champions Cup has only been around since 2016 but it’s fast becoming a coveted title and allows the winning team one full year of bragging rights.