Selection Process

The Department of Neurosurgery/UBNS participates in the Neurological Surgery Matching Program and accepts two applicants into the residency training program each year. Each applicant must register with the Matching Program before his/her application will be considered for a first-year program opening. Openings that occur during the academic year may be filled outside the Matching Program by applicants already holding an M.D. degree. Residency program applications are due by October 15 of the current application year.

Applicants to the residency training program are evaluated based on a number of criteria. Heavy emphasis is placed on the applicant's cognitive abilities, clinical skills and knowledge, and record of achievement. The applicant's ability to adapt to the program; to work as a member of a team composed of faculty, other residents, and nursing and support staff; and to develop effective patient/physician relationships are equally important criteria. The following process has been designed to facilitate the search for the "right match."

  1. Each application is screened by the selection committee, which is composed of the program director, an appointed faculty member, and a senior resident. The selection committee evaluates each applicant on the basis of the following criteria:
    1. Quality of undergraduate education
    2. Medical school grades, achievements, and honors
    3. National Board of Medical Examiners scores
    4. Research experience
    5. Quality of the personal statement, which should indicate effective written communication skills as well as a commitment to a career in neurosurgery
    6. Letters of recommendation, which should indicate the applicant's ability to sustain the rigorous training program and to interact effectively with others
  2. Based on the selection committee's recommendation, qualified applicants are selected for a personal interview.
  3. Interviews are scheduled for a full day, and applicants are offered several dates from which to choose. Special accommodations may be made for applicants unable to interview on one of the scheduled dates. Faculty members are provided with complete copies of the applicants' files so that they may review them before the interview date.

    During the course of the day, applicants attend an educational conference, interview with the faculty, eat lunch with the residents, and tour the department's facilities at the affiliated hospitals. Faculty and residents complete evaluation forms on each candidate at the end of the day. Their evaluations are summarized and an initial ranking list is compiled.
  4. After all qualified applicants have been interviewed and the initial ranking list is compiled, faculty and residents meet to discuss the final ranking list. The final ranking is submitted to the Neurological Surgery Matching Program.

If an opening occurs during the academic year, the program director notifies the Neurological Surgery Matching Program vacancy hotline. Candidates who learn of the opening outside the Matching Program will also be considered for the vacancy. Each full-time faculty member is provided with copies of the applicants' files and is given the opportunity to interview the applicants. The program director solicits the recommendations of the faculty before selecting a candidate and making the offer.

Online registration service to our program is available at either National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) or Electronic Resident Application Service (ERAS) Please direct any questions you may have about the program to:

Mary Ann Kedron, MBA, PhD
Academic Administrator

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